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These days when most of the knowledge we get comes from online, it’s incredibly important that manufacturers of different goods provide enough information on their websites for the consumers to understand what their competitive edge is. Judging by, the consumers of one of the best ED+BPH medications have full access to quite a lot of valuable info. This site is probably one of the best if not the best one in the business. It has got tons of articles that are very informative but very easy to understand too, it has got special offers for Cialis users and lots of interesting stuff to look at for healthcare professionals… It just rocks! Here in this article we will review it and try to list all of the things you can find on its pages. Don’t miss your chance to read it – we did our best to provide important insights and quick how-to guides on this page, hopefully, making it easier for first-time users of to get the best of this resource without wasting too much of their time.

The official site of Cialis –

What makes really special is the fact that, unlike many similar sites, it was launched and is maintained by the official manufacturer of Cialis – Eli Lilly and Company. This means that it is probably the only 100% reliable and accurate source of information about Cialis – and also the place that you can use to get the most up-to-date information about this medication from. If there is any really important news about Cialis that all current and prospective buyers of this medication should be aware of, you can be sure that is the right place to get it from.

We can tell it for sure and we bet that everyone will agree that is a very neatly organized site. You can find any information about Cialis very fast and with barely any effort on its pages. The directions for use, the side effects and so and so on – it’s all always just a click away. We really like the fact that Eli Lilly and Company are not trying to pass their med as 100% harmless or anything – the safety information is always out there for you to see.

What might be a problem to many is the fact that is a website intended for US citizens only. Okay, we are sure that the US market is the biggest and most important for Cialis – but what about the people in the other countries of the world? You can find brand-name Cialis by Eli Lilly and Company everywhere you go from Canada to Australia, so… The fact that there are no regional websites for this drug is somewhat puzzling. And what if a person interested in Cialis does not speak English or Spanish, which are the only languages that is available in? Guess they will have to content themselves with information from third-party sources which is not always that reliable, as you can guess.

But that’s the only flaw of that we managed to find, really. And that probably means that this site still rocks – it gives the customers in the US absolutely everything they need to know about Cialis and provides a decent amount of relevant information to English speakers from other counties of the world as well, so… It’s cool, no matter what.

What you can find on

Even though is obviously made mostly for informational purposes, there are also other very important things that you can find on its pages. Here in this part of our article we will gladly tell you what these are and how to use the official site of Cialis the right way. Hope you will find this information useful.

Using to get information about Cialis is probably not the website where you can get ALL imaginable information about this ED medication but it’s definitely the website where you can find all the information you really need. They start off by telling you what Cialis is and what it can be used for. They provide a lot of interesting information about its active ingredient, Tadalafil, the way it works, its possible drug interactions and so and so on. They tell you everything that you need to know about the two different versions of Cialis – the 36-hour one and the daily pill. And they also give you the information that other sites writing about Cialis usually tend to hide – its side effects, various safety tips, the list of substances that can affect the way it works and so and so on.

The only thing that we don’t really like about the informational aspect of is the way they present their information to the reader. Alright, it’s the official website run by a respectful pharmaceutical company, an industry leader but… Hell, why does everything have to be so stiff-upper-lip there? Cialis has got lots of awesome videos – both funny and educational – it has got tons of feedback from real people using it… Sometimes it’s hard to understand why it’s still not there on their website.

Using to get free trial coupons

Yes, you got it all right! A part of Eli Lilly and Company’s marketing strategy aimed at bringing in new customers involves giving Cialis away for free! If you have never used brand-name Cialis before, you can get your trial package from without spending even a single cent. No matter how good it sounds, it is actually true!

So, what does one have to do in order to get that trial package comprising either 30 pills of Cialis for daily use or 3 pills of high-strength Cialis intended for use as needed? It all seems to be very simple from the first sight – all you have to do is go to that “Get a Free Trial” section of, put a tick in the box verifying that you are 18 or older and download your printable voucher! However, it gets a little more difficult after that as you will have to actually print that voucher, take it to your doctor, make sure that Cialis is right for you and get a prescription for it. After that, you are taking that voucher together with the prescription to a pharmacy participating in Eli Lilly and Company’s giveaway program and… Bingo, you’ve got your free pills and can get down to mending your sex life!

Alright, you have probably seen simpler freebie campaigns before, that’s without a doubt. However, since Cialis is still considered to be a controlled substance in the United States and will not be sold over the counter at least until 2018, you just can’t throw the doctor out of the equation. You will always need to have your prescription with you in order to get Cialis from a land-based pharmacy, no matter whether it is the free pill or the one you are paying for from your insurance or cash money.

Lists of reliable pharmacies at

Not only does the official website of Cialis provide its visitors with all the information they need – it also protects their health by providing a pretty long list of pharmacies, which guarantee their customers’ 100% safety by selling nothing but original brand-name Cialis. With so many companies manufacturing generic Tadalafil, the quality of which often leaves much to be desired, this is a necessary measure.

All in all, there are 9 major pharmacies that recommends to you claiming that buying from them is always a flawless experience – especially when you are shopping at their websites online. The contents of this list are actually anything but surprising – what you will find there are the biggest chain pharmacies in the United States, such as Walgreens, Kroger, CVS and so on. Costco and Walmart are also on the list.

But don’t think that those 9 pharmacies are the only ones that you can buy real brand-name Cialis from. Even the people at acknowledge that and provide an additional link to – the website that allows you to check whether the online pharmacy of your choice is a reliable one. Convenient, isn’t it?

Of course, the official website of brand-name Cialis does it best to turns its visitors’ attention away from alternative Tadalafil-based ED drugs by warning them about the risks of taking counterfeit medications and so on. As you read those warnings, you start feeling like Cialis by Eli Lilly and Company is the only legit Tadalafil-based ED medication out there, which, as you can understand, is not true.

Getting information for healthcare professionals

Even though the main website intended for use by doctors who might be interested in prescribing Cialis to their patients is, not, the latter still is linked to the former, so… If you are a doctor and you doubt you can memorize the URL of the Cialis site for healthcare professionals, you can always go to and find the link there. We believe this is a zillion times easier if you don’t read about Cialis too often and have more important things to remember than the name of their professional website.

Important safety information

You can see it clearly that the people at Eli Lilly and Company take the matters of their customers’ safety very seriously. The safety information is to your right on every single page of the website – also being duplicated in some articles posted on the site. Frankly speaking, we find it a little misleading too – Cialis does have a few side effects and certain directions for use that all men taking it have to be aware of but… Come on, it’s definitely not the most dangerous drug out there. We take meds with even more intimidating lists of side effects very often and rarely think about it, so… Maybe the manufacturers of Cialis go a little over the top in that respect. Especially now that we know that more and more countries of the world are starting to sell Cialis without prescription.

Nevertheless, those safety information boxes definitely do what they are supposed to and do it well. After running into them on every page of even the least attentive readers will know it by heart that Cialis is not to be taken along with nitrates or other ED meds, that there are certain health conditions that might serve as contraindications to taking Cialis and, of course, that there are a few symptoms that might mark the onset of severe side effects of Tadalafil and call for immediate medical help. Even though it’s not all as bad as it seems to be from the first sight, it’s still good to be aware of all these, without a doubt.

Prescription controversy

Even though in many countries Cialis is sold over the counter already, it is still considered to be a relatively dangerous medication in the United States, which makes it necessary for men interested in purchasing it to get a relevant prescription first. We believe it might be due to the fact that Eli Lilly and Company still remains the exclusive patent holder for Tadalafil-based ED meds all around the States. As you can understand, the market is easier to control when your product is considered to be a controlled substance and most of competitors are considered to be illegal.

There is talk about making Cialis available for purchase over the counter in the US too but, as we have already said above, this is not likely to happen at least until 2018 when Eli Lilly’s patent may expire.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that purchasing Tadalafil-based medications by manufacturers other than Eli Lilly and Company is illegal in the United States. Just like with other medications, you are free to purchase generics from abroad – but you still need to have your prescription on your hands. Even though many claim that they buy successfully from abroad without any papers whatsoever, it may potentially be considered to be against the law.

One way or another, still remains the first source of information about Cialis that potential users of this medication go to. There’s a high chance it won’t be the only site you will read during your data-mining period but it’s always good to start with it as it gives lots of very important information about Cialis, gives you a chance to get a few pills for free and, most importantly, teaches you what things to avoid when you are using Cialis. Thus, we strongly recommend that you check it out if you’re currently in search of an ED medication and are considering Tadalafil as one of the options.

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